Press commentaries

"I totally got captivated by your rich, deep vocal style on "Oh Mensch" and "Die Liebe" proved to be equally as epic and heavy too.....fantastic music that your work..soulful and soaring and very dramatic. Loved it!"

(Mikewhitepresents - DJ Group from UK London, 2018)
"She takes to the stage, slowly but surely. An electro groove with inspired lyrics and a sensual, husky voice which electrify the senses. Do not miss TUDYKA's next concert." (José Da Silva / Stage Director, 2018)

"The tone of Marlene Dietrich, husky and sensuous, a fiery groove and intoxicating electronic sounds."

(Elektribe, 2017)

"One thinks of Patti Smith, somewhere between Krautrock and Brechtian Trip Hop"

(Sharivari Records, 2017)

"Shine Bright"- an extraordinary album! An intoxicating mix of French & German, passion and sadness collide in a Nietzschean universe. Her voice is equal measure rock & folk, and can startle and soothe. One listen and you'll be hooked!"

(Luc Laventure/Editorial Director France Television, 2018)

"Sophisticated, cultish, amazing"

(The Lost Vinyls, 2016)