Press commentaries

"With Caroline Tudyka, one has the chance to see a combination of a deep and contrasting voice, a composition that oscillates between rock and poetic song and finally a passionate interpretation. A complete artist who invests in the many fields of creation. Tudyka, accompanied by Fabien Mornet on guitar and John Shamir on percussion-drums, leads us into her universe with a communicative joy, a beautiful sensibility and an unwavering pleasure in sharing."

(Valérie Passelègue, journalist at Radio France Internationale - 07/08/2018)
This colorful girl mixes German, English and French in her rock songs. In electro or piano version, Tudyka sings poems and amorous passion. And if love doesn't always rhyme with always, Caroline Tudyka based in France for twenty years, displays a boundless enthusiasm.
The first thing that surprises is her deep voice. A round, warm tone, which accent tells us that she has traveled a little. Originally from the Karlsruhe area of southwestern Germany, she came to France for her studies "now more than twenty years ago" and never left. "I knew that I wanted to live in a big city, in our region, it's 600 kilometers from Paris, it's not far, and since Berlin is too far north for me, I found a school here and I never wanted to leave, "she says.
Attracted to the French culture, Caroline Tudyka paradoxically brings with her the imaginary of German cabaret. Trained as a child in the orchestra of her school and on the family piano, singing came later. On the advice of a high school teacher, she took classes and in Paris, she pushed the door of the Studio of Varietes wide open.
In this school where you learn the trade of artist, she didn't feel exactly in her place. "It was
Photo by Bruno Aussillou
very interesting to learn French, but it was very formatted 'chanson française', and it's not me, my culture is rather pop rock, I love Jacques Brel or Edith Piaf, but I do not see myself only singing in French, "she says.
She finally opted for the three languages: German, English, French. This group TUDYKA formed around Caroline took time to find its style, according to a self-taught learning of electro music. It took a decade and changes of regular musicians to give birth to a very original and fancy debut album, Shine Bright.
The singer has written her own lyrics and adapted poems of Dylan Thomas (Clown in the moon), Friedrich Nietzsche (Oh Mensch gib Acht!) And Else Lasker-Schüler (Die Liebe, Ich liebe dich). About this German Jewish poet born in the second half of the nineteenth century, forced to exile by the arrival of the Nazis in the 30s, she notes: "Nobody knows her in France! Eccentric, a loving woman who lived her own life, she was divorced twice, she had a child to whom she never told who the father was, and had a string of lovers. Even old, she still had the heart of a girl, and I recognize myself a little in there. "
Most of Tudyka's songs speak of love in all its forms. A rebeltu theme? "Love is my motor and it's a catalyst, when we love a person or we love what we do, we are supported. We do everything out of love, most of my songs are about love, even if it can be a break, "says Caroline Tudyka. When she says that, there is an obviousness, eyes that shine and, one imagines, a heart that's pounding."

("Tudyka's love songs" by Bastien Brun for RFI musique)

"I totally got captivated by your rich, deep vocal style on "Oh Mensch" and "Die Liebe" proved to be equally as epic and heavy too.....fantastic music that your work..soulful and soaring and very dramatic. Loved it!"

(Mikewhitepresents - DJ Group from UK London, 2018)
"She takes to the stage, slowly but surely. An electro groove with inspired lyrics and a sensual, husky voice which electrify the senses. Do not miss TUDYKA's next concert." (José Da Silva / Stage Director, 2018)

"The tone of Marlene Dietrich, husky and sensuous, a fiery groove and intoxicating electronic sounds."

(Elektribe, 2017)

"One thinks of Patti Smith, somewhere between Krautrock and Brechtian Trip Hop"

(Sharivari Records, 2017)

"Shine Bright"- an extraordinary album! An intoxicating mix of French & German, passion and sadness collide in a Nietzschean universe. Her voice is equal measure rock & folk, and can startle and soothe. One listen and you'll be hooked!"

(Luc Laventure/Editorial Director France Television, 2018)

"Sophisticated, cultish, amazing"

(The Lost Vinyls, 2016)