Music was my first love

I am very sensitive to poetry, it is part of my musical universe. My songs are poems sung reflecting the reality of the world through a dreamlike spectrum. Thus, the world is more livable to me. I am a writer, composer, pianist and singer. I played at the Chouftouhonna Festival in Tunis, at the Exiltheater in Germany, on the boat Canal Barboteur, the Péniche Antipode and the Théâtre de la Ville de L'Île Saint Denis among others. I also like intimate concerts in houses, art galleries or other exceptional places. One day, my father did not come home, this betrayal cut off my desire for music. My piano teacher kicked me out of class. So I played when I was alone because, of course, I missed it. So when I was 12, I wrote my first piece on the piano "Aquarius". It was a revelation: I could create! It made me happy and liberated me. Since then, music has led my life. I then released a first EP, Le Temps d'un Soupir, which was spent a lot on FIP. I played in the show Les Mots de Minuit on France 2 and I released the album Shine Bright in self-production. Since then, I have been wandering around, looking for my style, my own sound, which has been built over the years and through meetings and collaborations with drummer and producer John Shamir. “The goal is the journey and if you don’t make detours, you won’t discover much!”