Who is Tudyka ?

“Tudyka interweaves in her Franco-Anglo-German songs a magnificent sweet and rhythmic poetry, melancholy and soothing. acoustic and electronic. A very beautiful universe with enveloping melodies allowing the rock spirit to come out of its cocoon with Dub keys."(Samuel Zlatoff, Fnac St.Lazare - Paris).
This colorful girl mixes German, English and French, in her rather rock songs. In an electro or piano-voice version, Tudyka sings poets and amorous passion. And if love does not always rhyme with always, the German installed since a good twenty years in France, displays a boundless enthusiasm. The first thing that surprises Caroline Tudyka is her deep voice. A round, warm tone, whose accent tells us that she has traveled a little. Originally from the Karlsruhe area of ​​southwestern Germany, she came to France for her studies and never left.
The group formed around Caroline found her style, following a self-taught learning of electro music to give birth to a debut album, Shine Bright. The singer wrote her own lyrics and adapted poems by Dylan Thomas (Clown in the moon), Friedrich Nietzsche (Oh Mensch gib Acht!) Or Else Lasker-Schüler (Die Liebe, Ich liebe dich).
“Does a talented musician necessarily make a good interpreter of songs? Not automatically. But with Caroline Tudyka, one has the chance to see a combination of a deep and contrasting voice, a composition that oscillates between rock and poetic song and finally a passionate interpretation. A complete artist who invests in the many fields of creation. And that is something we hear, see and feel. In her songs, she switches from German, her mother tongue, to English and French with unusual facility. And Tudyka, accompanied by Fabien Mornet on guitar and John Shamir on percussion-drums, leads us into her universe with a communicative joy, a beautiful sensibility and an unwavering pleasure in sharing.” Valérie Passelègue - Journaliste à RFI (Radio France internationale)

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