Music was my first love

"German-born musician, Caroline Tudyka is a true child prodigy who took her first steps on stage at the age of 6 in a classical register. It is undoubtedly this early appetite for music in all its forms that will mark her asserted independence as a European female and feminist artist through her claimed use of English in addition to French and her native language. Her music aims to abolish borders, push boundaries, and expand minds. This alchemist of European cultures asserts her creative originality through her life experiences, as well as geographical and linguistic journeys across Europe, blending syncopated and fast rhythms with enchanting synth layers. 

Like a mischievous kind witch, Tudyka invites us to dream, meditate, and transcend boundaries. Committed to the feminist cause, she does not settle scores, but rather offers the sweetness of a smile, the joy of pure energy, and "polycultural" lightness served by the mysteries of musicality in foreign languages. Symbolically breaking down language misunderstandings, especially between men and women. Her music highlights her sensitivity to poetry, viewing her songs as poems that tell of her joys but also her pains. 

From her childhood, she reports: "One day, my father never came back home, this betrayal cut off all my desire for music. My piano teacher then kicked me out of class. So I played when I was alone because, of course, I missed it. Then, at the age of 12, I composed my first piece on the piano "The Aquarius". It was a revelation: I could create! It made me happy and liberated me. Since then, music has been leading my life." 

After performing on German stages, it was finally Paris that offered her first opportunity as an artist abroad, through auditions at the "Studios des Variétés". This marked the beginning of her love story with France, a love she would never leave. She released her first EP, Le Temps d’un Soupir, which was met with some success among the public, on radios (notably FIP), performing live on the show Les Mots de Minuit on France 2 and on stages in Paris, Wuppertal, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Munich, and Berlin, at the Queers Chouftou Honna Festivals in Tunis and at the forum on "German-speaking artists exiled in Sanary s/Mer". Caroline Tudyka enjoys intimate atmospheres on stage in places with a soul. 

In 2020, her album Shine Bright was released independently and in collaboration with drummer and producer John Shamir, for the first time under her name TUDYKA. Close to the spirit of Radiohead: a laboratory of sounds, atmospheres, and musical experiments. Shine Bright is a cycle of electronic, trilingual, and barrier-free music, free. 

Her latest song L’Envol, released on January 26th, is the conclusion of this cycle, her response, and her rebirth. Tudyka is currently preparing her next project, always accompanied by John Shamir."