Who and what and when

Tudyka defined itself as a "Rock Poetik" band. Poems of Dylan Thomas, Friedrich Nietzsche or Else Lasker-Schüler are set on music.
At the origin of the creation of Tudyka, the singer and pianist Caroline Tudyka, who signs most of the texts and music of her eponymous group.
Her deep and sensual voice gives her songs a unique color, which combines strength, elegance and almost whispered sweetness.

Originally from Germany, Caroline Tudyka arrived in France in the 90s to take classes at the "Studio des Variétés" in Paris. She then sang and toured Europe in the musical "Les Nuits Noires du Monde" by Michèle Bernard, before presenting her own creations under the name of Tudyka.

Of the cooperation with the drummer and arranger Julien Tekeyan (Féfé, Vianney) will be born a first EP «Le Temps d'un Soupir», before the creation of the album "Shine Bright" (release September 2018), directed by John Shamir and Patrice Courtois (Aaron).

Caroline Tudyka: piano/voice, Fabien Mornet: guitars, John Shamir: percussion drum set

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