Who's Tudyka ?

Hey out there, my name is Caroline Tudyka. The band's name is Tudyka. The band : John Shamir (producer & drummer) and me.

Let us immerse you in a sensual, lustful, undulating, poem-singing music that tells the longing of the world for eternity and never-ending love.
I'm passionate about poetry that makes one shiver, in its drunkenness, dependence and exclusivity, lyrics that explore the immeasurable vastness of the soul. 
I'm coming from Germany with roots in the West and the East and live in Paris.

We are playing in Tunis at the Chouftouhonna Festival, in Bruchsal, "Exiltheater" (RFA) and locations in France, well known spots like the ship Barboteur or the Jean Vilar Theater in Ile St. Denis near Paris. 

Now we are working on the new album "Talisman", diving into the creative flowing process and we are really excited to show it to you in 2021!

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All photos are by the fabulous Bruno Aussillou: http://brunoaussillou.com/ 

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