Rising Mist

I cried, I laughed,
brooding in bed,
thought about nothing.

The gloomy mist spread over the pond,
at the river, the rose blooms and
fades at once.

My love has gone with the rising mist,
my heart disappeared in the fog,
it's missed.

I cried, I laughed,
bit my hand,
made nothing to eat.

I look at dark shadows,
my mind gets tired.
My body needs a rest, no desire.

When do I find what once I lost,
when do I live,
when will I be reborn?

Love appears without my wish,
it warms my skin, when it goes,
all stands still.

The rose blooms again at the river,
as it blooms,
I too want to bloom,
no more shivers.

If only someone came by,
set me free,
with his magic hands,
set me free.

(Poem by Andreas Hähle)
English translation by Caroline Tudyka

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