"Le Temps d'un Soupir"


A few years ago in a Paris Piano Bar, I met a cellist and his childhood friend, a drummer. Within a week, we started our jam sessions in the Drummer’s recording studio, with me singing away at the piano, accompanied by the Cellist’s (counterpoint) and the drummer beating the rhythm.

It was an eye-opening experience for me and, exactly the sound I had been wanting for my songs !

Six months later, we were together again with other musician friends in the same studio, recording my song “Le Temps d’un Soupir” - 48 Hours of bliss, sweat, joy and enchantment !

The song was broadcast for almost one year on FIP (the State-owned F.M. radio station) and Patrick Derlon, the program’s host, informed us that many listeners had phoned in, asking where they could buy the album. In short, it was a great success, even though it didn’t have any music label.

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